New MRI machine available soon

The Cayman Islands Hospital’s new magnetic resonance imaging machine will soon be available to patients. 

The Health Services Authority partnered with local company 3T Cayman, which is associated with Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital founder Dr. Steve Tomlinson, to bring the 3.0 Tesla MRI to Grand Cayman. 

The new MRI machine is on island and should be operational by the end of September, according to a 3T Cayman spokeswoman. 

She said technicians and physicians would receive training in October, with the first patients scheduled in mid-October. 

The new MRI machine is a step forward in technology from the hospital’s 1.5 Tesla MRI it has been using for the past year. The 3.0 Tesla is faster than the old machine, produces better quality images, has more features and is designed to be more comfortable for patients, according to 3T Cayman. 

Dr. Tomlinson is an investor in 3T Cayman, which is not directly affiliated with Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital. 

He said, “Along with the company shareholders, we realize that the investment in our islands is important. We know that if we invest in state-of-the-art equipment, then the people of these islands can stay on island to have their tests done. No one likes to leave their family and loved ones to have tests or diagnosis like that. We want them to be with their loved ones, here at home.” 

Cayman Islands Imaging, the radiology company associated with the private hospital, also recently installed new ultrasound and fluoroscopy equipment. 

Yaron Rado, chief radiologist at the private hospital, Cayman Islands Imaging and 3T Cayman, said, “We have decided to take this opportunity to upgrade our ultrasound equipment and also add fluoroscopy equipment at CII. These continued investments further enhance our offerings and establish our private/public sector partnership. This equipment will ensure that any test required can be done without delay.” 

The new equipment, which includes the MRI and associated fit-out for the public hospital, as well as the new ultrasound and fluoroscopy equipment for the private hospital, represents an investment of nearly $5 million. 

The new MRI machine is on island and should be operational by the end of September, according to a 3T Cayman spokeswoman. 


A new state-of-the-art MRI scanner, similar to the one pictured here, will soon be operational at Cayman Islands Hospital.