Keep calm with free tai chi

Breathe, stretch and find inner calm on Sunday mornings through tai chi. Sensei Greg Reid of CASK Karate has teamed up with Camana Bay to offer free tai chi classes on the Crescent on Sunday mornings.  

Traditionally, tai chi – an oriental martial art – is practiced outdoors in parks and open spaces, Reid says, but until now nowhere in the Caribbean has offered this style of community class.  

A gentle mind-body workout, tai chi is non-restrictive, and men, women and children of all ages are welcome to join, regardless of prior knowledge or ability.  

“Tai chi is great for your health and posture, it gives your muscles and nerves a good stretch, and it’s great for relaxation and breathing,” Reid says. “It’s very calming – that’s why a lot of corporate people with stressful jobs like to practice it. It’s definitely not just for older people. Tai chi is entirely non-restrictive.” 

Everyone is welcome to join the classes at any stage. The class will cover the traditional forms, along with standing stretches, breathing exercises and a little meditation.  

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and shoes. There may also be some seated poses, for which it is advisable to bring a yoga mat or similar to sit on. The class begins at 8:30 a.m. and lasts approximately 45 minutes.  


For more information, contact CASK Karate on 925-3367. 


Tai chi is traditionally practiced outdoors, and now residents have the chance to try this mind-body training for free at Camana Bay.