Windsors’ stroll keeps them fit

The Fidelity Fun Run series wrapped up on Saturday and although not an elite athlete, Jason Windsor is a champion in a different sense, as king of the strollers.  

Most parents pushing their kids in prams have one child on tow. Windsor has three daughters who, like their parents, are incredibly sporty.  

A regular at the Fidelity Fun Run series over the years, Windsor does the two-mile course from John Gray High School on Walkers Road pushing a double stroller with the two youngest in the buggy.  

He can even be seen pushing the stroller in training. Presumably, it combines keeping fit with babysitting duties. 

Shayana, who is 9, Rio, 6, and Cosabella, 4, all enjoy football and hockey.  

Canadian Windsor plays roller hockey, ball hockey and football.  

“I hope the kids continue to play sports,” he said. “I think it is good for them. It keeps them in shape and teaches them to go for a goal and have a lot of fun out of it.” 

Shayana is already an accomplished runner having come second in the Under-12 girls category of the Fidelity Fun Run series last year.  

Windsor was immersed in sport from an early age growing up in Vancouver. He started skating at 2, playing hockey at three, and went on to play football, baseball and several other sports. His wife, Monette, is a keen softball player.  

Tennis player Richard Harrison was another strolling dad in the Fidelity Fun Run and he should get props, too – even if he was only pushing one. 


Richard Harrison had a fast stroll, too.