Help them help you

The pages of this newspaper often contain positive stories about community outreach efforts.

Today we have an article about a new program aiming to pair volunteer mentors with Year 10 students at John Gray High School. The Aim High initiative focuses on students who are lagging behind in their studies and need a little extra motivation and encouragement.

Needless to say, we support the Aim High initiative and ask people to consider joining in these efforts.

On the other hand, we hope the students avail themselves of the opportunities created by the program and make the most of the mentor-protégé relationships.

Cayman has many social initiatives that strive to engage, train and motivate residents of all ages. For example, last week we highlighted a back-to-work program for adults, led by Baraud recruitment company.

Additionally, groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and Cayman Society of Architects, Surveyors and Engineers have their own mentoring programs, tailored to the goals of their organizations.

Then there are churches, public and private scholarships, government programs and a multiplicity of athletic clubs for youths and adults.

Cayman has no shortage of altruistic activities. But they can only succeed when they get enough support from benefactors and volunteers, and draw active engagement from the people benefiting from the services.

We urge people who are in need to accept the helping hands extended by community groups, and not be dissuaded by pride, suspicion or fear. In order for the assistance to be effective, people need to put as much effort into helping themselves as volunteers put in trying to help them.