Paul Chin: A Renaissance man

My first encounter with Paul Chin was via web-
cam from my bedroom in Cardiff. I probably could have worded that sentence better … so, let me be clearer. While I was studying music at Cardiff University in Wales, Paul was studying Illustration at OCAD University in Toronto.  

As two young Caymanian artists, from a small place, we somehow missed each other as we were busy following our dreams far from home. But that’s the beauty of the World Wide Web. So, here we are, two globe-trotting Caymanian artists meeting for the first time, an ocean apart via Skype in the spring of 2010. Ain’t life funny …  

That summer, we were jamming in my living room back in Cayman, filming a music video for Paul’s single Let’s Ride featuring The Matrixx, and by the fall, Paul was rapping on my single Mix It In for my debut album, Between Shores. It was a fruitful creative relationship that began to flourish, and since then I have enjoyed watching Paul blossom into the talented multidisciplinary artist that he is.  

I’d love to summarize his accomplishments in a neat sentence or two, but it’s near impossible, so here are the highlights. Last September, he began his relationship with Adidas as a DJ and released his first EP, Orquestra, digitally and on cassette. When 2013 rolled around, he dropped a new single, Electric Nerves, which got featured on Earmilk and has since gotten over 10,000 plays. Being the romantic that he his, February came along with the release of his second EP, Love Letters, followed by Boo Thang Mixtape Trilogy in the summer. This month, Paul signed to the French music label Cosmonostro,` which will be releasing his upcoming EP, The Forest. The release date is still to be decided, but at this very moment Paul is working away at creating that delightful ear candy for us all.  

OK, I think that covers his musical accomplishments for now. Let’s talk about his visuals. This past summer, he created three commissioned illustrations for the Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Sneaker Exhibition, countless pieces of album art for numerous recording artists and even designed his own custom fabric and learned to sew by crafting a dress that any girl, including myself, would drool over. 

Now that’s a Renaissance man of the 21st century if I ever knew one, and a Caymanian one at that.  

There are days when certain aspects of the youth culture get me down. But there are also days when I hear about someone like Paul Chin and my hopeful disposition is recovered. This is one gentlemen with serious swag, and not the kind that fades with time … I’m talking about the stuff that really matters, like passion, hard work, faith, kindness and boatloads of creativity. I don’t mean to keep bragging about my friend, but I just thought you all should finally meet.  

Ladies and gentleman, Paul Chin, an unstoppable Caymanian artist you need to keep your eye on. Oh yeah… 


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This illustration, St. Paul & the Sacred Heartbeat, was created by Paul Chin.