Ryan puts Falcons hurler in same category as Manning

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan said he talked to his brother Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, about how to stop the Falcons.

The 2-2 Jets face the 1-3 Falcons at 7:40 p.m. Cayman time on Monday night at the Georgia Dome. The Saints defeated the Falcons 23-17 on Sept. 8 and New York hopes to add another loss to Atlanta’s record.

“Yeah, I did,” Rex Ryan said. “Of course. Absolutely. But you know we are so different defensively, but you can without question, you’ll talk to people and things.”

Rex Ryan has been impressed with the Falcons offense and quarterback Matt Ryan (not related).

“When I look at Atlanta, they are seventh in the league in fewest sacks given up, so that’s something that jumps out at you and also seventh in the league in total offense,” Rex Ryan said. “This guy’s is on fire. There is no question. He’s so accurate with the football. He’s a student for the game.

“You can see that his preparation is obviously tremendous so you know. I don’t know if he’s quite there yet with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, but he’s certainly close. It’s obvious to me as a coach how he studies and prepares. He’s not surprised by the things you do defensively. He’s averaging throwing the ball in two seconds. The ball leaves his hands extremely fast.”

For Atlanta, the 2013 has been trying as the Saints have started out 4-0 and the offense has struggled. Matt Ryan said Atlanta are still optimistic.

“We just haven’t scored as many touchdowns as we need to in order to win games,” Matt Ryan said. “I don’t think you can worry too much about what everybody else is doing. We have enough on our own plate. We have to focus on our own stuff to figure out how to win this week.”