New flight ops director appointed

Capt. Steve Scott has been named manager of flight operations by the Civil Aviation Authority. Capt. Scott will review applications for aircraft seeking a place on the aircraft register and will issue air operator’s certificates. 

The appointment, announced Monday, confirms the Aug. 12 elevation of Capt. Scott to the manager’s position, in which he will oversee operational approvals for the registry, ensuring they are conducted safely and in accordance with appropriate regulations. 

He will also help regulate all foreign carriers operating into and out of the Cayman Islands, and license fight crews and ground staff. 

Capt. Scott has worked for the authority for three years, after spending 30 years in the aviation industry, including time as a senior Boeing 737 captain at Cayman Airways. 

Other senior Cayman Airways positions held by Capt. Scott include manager of flight training, chief pilot and manager of flight operations. For two years prior to his formal 2010 employment with the authority, Capt. Scott provided various services to the group. 

Additionally, he has experience in flight-crew training for other regional airlines as an independent service provider. 

A native Caymanian, Capt. Scott has three children and is married to Bernice Scott, principal at West Bay’s Grace Christian Academy. 


Mr. Scott