New governor scopes out George Town communities

A mixture of surprise and welcoming remarks greeted the Cayman Islands’ new governor, Helen Kilpatrick, as she explored George Town in a walking and driving tour this week. 

In the company of government officials, Ms Kilpatrick’s visited Scranton, Washington Boulevard, Watler’s Road, Windsor Park, the Catboat Club, Miss Lassie’s house and the Town Hall. 

“I felt good about meeting the governor and I am glad to see her,” said 80-year-old Cristaval Viarta, who waited to see Ms Kilpatrick at the park in Washington Boulevard. “This is my first time to ever meet a governor of the Cayman Islands,” she said, shaking the governor’s hand and beaming. 

Another resident in the area was less enthusiastic. After being introduced to the governor by Premier Alden McLaughlin, her response was: “I’m glad you’re enjoying Cayman right now, because I am definitely not.” 

In Scranton, Ms Kilpatrick visited the homes of some elders in the company of Dale Ramoon, community chair, and George Town Heritage Queen Tyronnie Bodden. 

At the home of Natalie Adolphus, the governor’s visit came as a shock to the senior citizen. “You all frightened me – didn’t know who you all were,” she exclaimed, shaking the governor’s hand. “I was just on the phone overseas and wondering why all these people were here.” 

At the Catboat Club, Ms Kilpatrick heard about Cayman’s maritime history and seamanship stories from catboat experts Kem Jackson and Jervis Miller. 

The governor met a group of dominoes players under the shade of almond trees. 

A brief stop was also made at Windsor Park playground, where she met a few locals passing by and said hello. 

On a tour of Miss Lassie’s home in South Sound, Ms Kilpatrick was intrigued by the artist’s works, as well as by the life of the late visionary who began painting at age 62. Cayman National Cultural Foundation managing director Marcia Muttoo presented the governor with a lead crystal infused with a scale drawing of Miss Lassie’s house – a gift coinciding with the governor’s birthday. 

Following the tour, a reception was held at the Town Hall, where Ms Kilpatrick met more members of the George Town community. 


There were plenty of laughs to be had during the George Town tour. From left, Premier Alden McLaughlin, George Town MLA Winston Connolly, Governor Helen Kilpatrick, George Town Heritage Queen Tyronnie Bodden, political adviser Kenneth Bryan and local resident Natalie Adolphus. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY


  1. Mr. Boland

    If these tours are just more than a ‘feel good’ promotion for the new governor, then they can serve some useful purpose but…

    We both know that is all they are…look at the grinning faces of the politicians…that says it all.

    The serious business that needs to be addressed in these neighbourhoods has been ignored for a long time.

    I’m not known to be the most ‘politically correct’ of commentors so there’s no reason to start now.

    These neighbourhoods is where much of Cayman’s gun crime originates from, along with their comparable neighbourhoods in West Bay and the other districts.

    When the politicians can find the time to go into these neighbourhoods and address the underlying issues why this is so…

    Then they will be taking care of the serious business.

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