More Purple kids love program

Many more Cayman youngsters are now able to enjoy all the benefits studying a martial arts program can bring, thanks to sponsors such as Island Heritage, which recently agreed to support the Purple Dragon Martial Arts scholarship program.

Island Heritage joins a growing list of local companies, including Butterfield Bank, Conyers and Dill, Digicel, Cayman National, CML and RE/MAX, that are helping ensure that as many young people as possible may participate in a positive and rewarding programme. The school is located at the Micro Center on North Sound Way in Industrial Park.

Developed to introduce martial arts to youngsters who may not otherwise be able to afford to do so, the Purple Dragon Martial Arts scholarship program is quickly gaining momentum as more children and their parents recognize the positive impact it has.

Monique Bush of Island Heritage said, “As martial arts promote positive self-growth and development, we feel strongly that the Purple Dragon Martial Arts scholarship program is a cause worthy of our support.

“We are excited at the prospect that even more youngsters will now have the opportunity to develop and grow not only their martial arts skills, but their inner strength as well.”

Kids who sign up for the program do not do so lightly. They are expected to show dedication by signing an agreement committing to regular attendance, punctuality, maintenance of good grades and behavior reflecting respect for individuals and property.

Scholarship sponsors will also receive reports from Purple Dragon teachers, parents, school and counselors, tracking the performance of the students.

Purple Dragon dojo chief Sensei Floyd Baptiste said the impact the program has on the youngsters he trains is significant.

“We often see young people with mental, behavioral or physical challenges, while others come from broken or disadvantaged homes or simply don’t have the money to take part,” Baptiste said. “The scholarship program opens up a whole new set of possibilities for the young people and we see results in improved behavior and attitude almost from the very start of their participation.

“It is thanks to the generosity of companies such as Island Heritage that we are able to make this possible. We are deeply grateful to Island Heritage for their support.”

Anyone interested in additional information should contact Cathy Williams at 916-9900 or email her at [email protected] 
Alternatively, the Purple Dragon dojo may be contacted at 
946-1241 and [email protected]