Inspirational book creates stir around Cayman

It just recently hit the bookstore, but it’s already flying off the shelves.

“Moments of Inspiration” is a collection of poems and inspirational thoughts shared by local author Elsa Bobb for guidance in day-to-day living.

Born out of a desire to share inspirational sayings and stories reflecting her own life experiences, the book is one Bobb believes Cayman needs at this time.

“There are so many things happening, not just in Cayman but around the world,” she said. “The economic downturn, people out of jobs, homes being taken away … what do they do, and where do they turn? This book will inspire people not to give up but to look to God for help and do what you can to help yourself.”

Even the cover of the book tells a story. The purse-size glossy hardback features a vibrant sunset, gentle sea surf and encouraging words that offer a sense of peace.

“I chose the cover because it is in line with what I am saying in the book. I like nature, and when I look at God’s creation, it really stands out,” she said.

Bobb has also produced a motivational DVD of the same name, which features photographs of nature, music and Bible verses. “Sometimes people feel discouraged. Seeing the wonderful pictures, listening to the music and scripture verses brings peace.”

Bobb is a people person, and loves to help. In addition to being a pastor’s wife and mother of three, she is a counselor, teacher, singer, conductor of women’s seminars, musician and now an author. “Moments of Inspiration” is her debut book.

She said her day-to-day life is based on the love of God, and she uses that to handle various difficulties and circumstances in her life.

There were times she felt overwhelmed raising her children, as well as in her role as a pastor’s wife. “Sometimes you feel like you cannot do your own thing because of being wrapped up in his life and the lives of others, but everyone has a personal goal.”

For Bobb, that goal was writing the book, as well as producing an inspirational DVD. She said family demands and ministry obligations meant the project had to be put on the shelf, but it was not forgotten. “I kept the vision and waited for the opportune time I could do it,” she said.

She encourages people not to give up in life when things don’t work out. “Sometimes we may face some circumstances in life and feel it is the end … but it doesn’t have to be. Put your trust in God and, like the seasons, this too will pass.”

She said it took a lot of perseverance to complete the book.

It was not the easiest time for me, but I refused to let circumstances – over which I had no control – stop me from achieving my goal. You’ve got to press through. People must have hope – focus on the goal and don’t give up.”

“Moments of Inspiration” and the DVD are available at Books & Books in Camana Bay and at the First Assembly of God.