Phoenix upset PwC

Coed softball saw its first big upset of the playoffs.

The Phoenix Hard Hats downed PwC B, 11-0, in a forfeit victory on Tuesday. Apparently, the losers used a player who was improperly registered on the team roster. Darryl Paddyfoot and Phoenix, who were last in the regular season at 4-8, now move on to the winner’s bracket in the B League of the 2013 Fall Adult Coed Softball League, put on by the Cayman Islands Little League Association.

Hard Hats play again next Monday against the Master Batters. Chris Orlandini and PwC, who had the second seed at 7-4-1, are in the loser’s segment and face Deloitte next Tuesday.

In the C League, the UBS Aces downed the Fluff and Fold Home Gas Misfits, 19-10. UBS, with the likes of Karl Preuss, are eager to advance to the finals of the round-robin format and claim the overall title. Misfits, under Hemant Balgobin, are looking for positives after a subpar season.