Lucky CayShop customer wins iPad Mini in subscription contest


When Katie O’Neill attended the CayShop Expo last weekend and signed up with NCI Services for daily Caymanian Compass delivery, she never dreamed she would actually win the prize of an iPad Mini. The lucky lady got a call on Monday, Oct. 28, to give her the good news, and she came to the Pinnacle Media offices on Oct. 30 for the presentation from Vicki Legge of Pinnacle Media and Tamara Hanson-Ebanks of NCI Services. 

In order to be eligible for the draw, CayShop attendees simply had to sign up for one-month’s delivery of the Caymanian Compass for the promotional price of $25. 

O’Neill was very happy with her prize, exclaiming: “What an exciting thing that was! It was so thrilling! I really needed the convenience of having the Compass delivered on a daily basis, and [the iPad Mini] was a great bonus.” 

“I’m always going out of my way to get the paper at gas stations and the supermarkets because I have to have it every day. This way, it comes straight to my door. 

“Winning the iPad was pretty awesome, and I’m sure it will help me be more productive.” 

Legge and Hanson-Ebanks were both extremely pleased with the turnout at their CayShop booths, remarking that not only had the Caymanian Compass delivery promotion been a huge success, but also the public got a chance to interact with staff members from the newspaper and sister publications to learn more about the range of information they covered. 

“We got an excellent reaction from people who realized that they could get the Compass delivered,” said Hanson-Ebanks, “and it was great to see the public chatting with the team.” 

“NCI Services actually started 11 years ago with just the Compass, and thanks to the success of that endeavor, we have grown to the company we’ve now become.” 

This was the first year that the Caymanian Compass reserved a booth at the CayShop Expo, and Legge ensured that it made a statement by creating a space with a 20-foot backdrop, video screen and all the publications on display. 

“It was a fantastic event,” she said enthusiastically, “and we really enjoyed being a part of it.” 

“I think a lot of the attendees were interested to see just how diverse the publications we produce are, and of course, the Caymanian Compass has been the newspaper of choice in the Cayman Islands for 38 years. Now they know they can have it delivered to their doorstep, it just makes it that more accessible to even the busiest consumer.” 

iPad presentation

From left, Vicki Legge of Pinnacle Media, Katie O’Neill, and Tamara Hanson-Ebanks of NCI Services. – Photo: Chris Court