Deguzmans aim to take the Mick


Most eyes in local darts should be on a husband and wife tandem. 

Eugene and Rosyl Deguzman are the reigning champions of the annual Mickey Mouse Pirates Week darts tournament. Both figure to defend their titles next Sunday, Nov. 17, in the 2013 competition. Budweiser serves as event sponsor once again with the Cayman Islands Darts Association overseeing the action at Mango Tree from 1 p.m. 

Eugene emerged the overall men’s winner by beating 2011 champion Jasper Esguerra. Rosyl earned her second straight women’s title by defeating Miriam Rodriguez, after beating Michelle Terry in the 2011 final. 

Last year’s other top finishers were Earl Smith and Ritchie Bernaldo, who beat out association president Paul Anglin and playing partner Cliff Weeks in the doubles category. A total of 44 hurlers took part in 2012, which is higher than usual. 

For the record, the tournament has been part of Pirates Week tradition since the 1980s. It gets its name not from the Disney character, but rather with the game format. Players attempt to land three consecutive darts on the portions of the dartboard with the values 20-12 and also the Bull’s Eye. The player finishing all of his/her numbers first, with the highest numerical score, wins.  


Eugene Deguzman received the 2012 title from Paul Anglin.


Rosyl Deguzman is the reigning two-time women’s champion. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES