Rankin’s funds cut

Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden says it was a mistake that middle distance runner Jon Rankin’s name appeared in the 2013/14 Purchase Agreement as part of the Elite Athlete Program.

He added that the Cayman Islands national record holder for the 800 meters, 1,500m and 5,000m runs is no longer part of the program and is not set to receive government funding through it. Rankin easily won the Cayman Islands Marathon last year.

The document showed Rankin as budgeted for $33,480 this fiscal year.

Bodden says only four athletes are part of the Elite Athlete Program.

Their respective funding amounts – according to the Purchase Agreement – are: swimmers Brett and Shaune Fraser – both $43,901, sprinter Kemar Hyman – $43,901 and sprint hurdler Ronald Forbes – $27,804.

Shaune Fraser hopes to qualify for his fourth consecutive Olympics at the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016 and Brett his third. Hyman will be going for his second Olympics and Forbes his third.