St. Pierre bias is resented

Georges St. Pierre has for years been the poster boy for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but when it comes to promoting shows he is on, it is leading to jealousy from fighters on the bill who feel totally ignored.

Brian Ebersole is not happy that this weekend’s UFC 167 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has basically been promoted as the St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks show.

The UFC 167 co-main features a decent fight between Chael Sonnen and former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, but even that bout is not getting much attention.

Ebersole, who fights Rick Story on Saturday, agrees with Sonnen that too much emphasis has been placed on promoting the 32-year-old Canadian’s bout against Hendricks, to the detriment of the other contests.

Ebersole says he would have been perfectly OK with the UFC filming a behind-the-scenes video at his house and gym to help promote his fight with Story.

He says they haven’t done that, and that the promotion also opted not to feature him on any UFC 167 promotional materials.

“It’s been all Georges! Nobody’s talking about anybody but Georges! It’s so frustrating for us,” Ebersole said. “Imagine me, I’m on the undercard. I mean Chael’s at least on the main card. Gosh, he’ll get better sponsors and everything because he’s on the main card. They should be out here shooting like a real world episode with me.

“I’m in Vegas, I’m in a really nice house with a pool out back and I’ve got a video game system on a big screen. They could totally come and just crash my camp and do what they wanted, but they don’t want that behind the scenes stuff. I’m with Chael, it’s all about Georges and Johny, not like with UFC 100; you knew every fight on that card.”

All UFC 167’s commercials and posters prominently feature St-Pierre and other fighters on the card seem to be getting much promotion Hendricks.