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Shipwrecks, suspense and spirituality are at the heart of a new novella by a local author.

“Jonathan’s Locket” is the debut book from new kids’ publishers LadyBee Publishing of Canada and it took Lorraine Carey around six months to complete.

“Our beautiful island was the inspiration behind this novella, along with the mysterious tale of the Wreck of the Ten Sails,” she said.

“I wanted to write a story to inspire and motivate young readers to get lost in this inspirational tale. I think there is something in there for everyone.”

The plot involves a young stowaway who went down with the Convert ship. Two centuries later, a troubled local teen begins to have strange auditory and visual experiences near the East End wreck site. As for the rest, well, we won’t spoil it for you.

It’s not Lorraine’s first book; the previous published work, “Mysteries of the Red Coyote,” was published in August and has been a success with schools and preteens as well as adults, the author noted. 

Any advice for upcoming authors?

“Yes, get in a writers’ support group, either online or local,” Carey said. “I am involved with both, but I have to say CayWriters, our local writers’ group here in Cayman is the best! It was founded and run also by a local author Elke Feuer,” Lorraine explained. 

“We give each other support and always learn the latest updates in the world of authors.”

Inspiration, she said, can strike in many contexts. The writer’s next project, is likely to have a very different setting.

“During my recent trip to Rome I was inspired by a story about the Seven Vestal Virgins  of Rome. [There,] a select group of girls was chosen by Pontifex Maximus to keep a sacred flame burning forever in the ancient Roman city. It was quite an honor as most families hoped their daughters would be chosen.

“These girls were chosen very young and had to remain loyal to their duties, never to marry but were the only women to hold the highest regard back in the day. I find there is much mystery in this story and plan to write a fiction story about a young girl who is chosen to become a Vestal Virgin.”

In the meantime, “Jonathan’s Locket” is also available on Kindle, Omnilit and Smashwords, with a trailer for the book also on YouTube. Lorraine said she plans on doing some local school visits for readings from the novella.


You can reach the author at lorrainecarey.com. 

Lorraine Carey

Local author Lorraine Carey
– Stephen Clarke