Government should lead, not follow, on conservation ethic

It’s difficult to respond to the editorial of Nov. 25, 2013. Not everyone these days would be so bold as to rest his case on a quotation from Calvin Coolidge. The worst aspect is the way you’d pick and choose among our wildlife. Many of us consider ourselves to be closely connected to all the living things around us.

So I won’t respond directly. I hope you’ll be a little more thoughtful in future.

This country needs a conservation bill.

The government should lead, not follow, in encouraging a conservation ethic. It is a worthy civil servant who performs research and pursues a mandate regardless of the government-of-the-day; a civil servant who promotes a program that the country needs.

It is a callow government that merely “follows fashion” in a wishy-washy fashion, and that succumbs to the power of the single, noisy naysayer.

J.W. Platts