Pigskin lovers tackle Beach Bash

Flag football plans to have some sandy touchdowns.

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association is staging its fifth annual beach tournament, dubbed Beach Bash, Saturday, Dec. 7. Public Beach will serve as the venue from roughly 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

In a statement, the association said teams will be coed, with limited personnel. The statement reads, “The tournament will be open to the public at a cost of $100 per team. We will be adopting a double elimination, 4-on-4 coed format with a minimum of two women on the field at all times. Rosters will be capped to six players so please bear that in mind when building your team. To register, we ask that you contact [email protected].com as soon as possible.”

The competition, which has been held in locales like Royal Palms over the years, comes as players prepare for the 43rd annual U.S. Flag and Touch League National Flag Football Championships. Games will take place, as usual, in Kissimmee, Florida, on Jan. 17-19, 2014, at the Austin Tindall Sports Complex.

The association has been organizing practices and tryouts in recent weeks with the goal of sending 8-man and 9-man teams. Cayman has participated in the Kissimmee event for years. In 2012, male and female teams took part, with the women placing fifth out of seven teams in the seven-man screen format, while the eight-man eligible unit finished ninth out of 18 squads. The men were ninth out of 12 teams in the nine-man ineligible category.

In addition to tryouts, the association organized a float for the Pirates Week parade. The goal was to celebrate its 10 years of existence, and dozens of players took part, donning their jerseys from the Digicel Summer League. Among them were members of the national title winners, the Burger King Panthers and Androgroup Killa-Panthers. Burger King, led by star quarterback and league Most Valuable Player Chris Lucas, claimed its first men’s championship in franchise history by defeating the Lone Star Mustangs in the finals. Androgroup, featuring Finals MVP Shamar Ennis, nabbed the women’s crown for the first time by beating the Lynx.