Watersports mechanic to showcase invention

Local watercraft enthusiast Don Patrick has big plans for the new year as he gears up to launch his patented invention, Last Drop Oil Extraction System, at the Miami International Boat Show next month. He will be attending the show, which features more than 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors, at the Miami Beach Convention Center from Feb. 13-17 to showcase the system. 

Changing the oil in a personal watercraft can be a daunting task – something Mr. Patrick knows all too well. “Jet Ski engines don’t drain oil like most cars do, so removal can be difficult,” he said. 

During Mr. Patrick’s first rebuild of the largest Yamaha Jet Ski motor, he noticed the design of the oil pan trapped a significant amount of residual oil and there was no way of getting it out.  

“I thought this is not good because every time you change the oil, you are pouring fresh oil into contaminated oil. This is definitely not good for the reliability of the engine. Oil is the life of any engine, and the cleaner the oil the better the performance,” he said. 

The traditional method of oil extraction was not efficient enough for this Caymanian mechanic, so he set out to build a better system. After four months and roughly 300 oil changes, the Last Drop Oil Extraction System was born. The result was a system that removes 99 percent of engine oil.  

The product is an attachable piece that is compatible with all types of personal watercraft engines and extraction pumps. Mr. Patrick has manufactured three different versions of his product, which work with all Yamaha engine models, as well as Seadoo Watercraft engines.  

Mr. Patrick says he is “holding back sales” until the official launch of the product in February. The product is easy to use, he said. “My system is easy to install and it is designed for a regular hands-on guy, you don’t even have to take the motor apart to install it.”  

Mr. Patrick is the technical adviser for Jet Around Cayman and has worked with the Cayman Islands Water Authority to design the various water racing circuits in the Cayman Islands, including the Million Dollar Boat Race.  

“We don’t have a lot of places on the land to play, but there’s lots of water sports,” said Mr. Patrick, who specializes in mechanical fixes and engine rebuilds, and owns a personal watercraft performance race team: West Tec.  

With more than 18 years’ experience in watercraft sports and repairs, a typical day at the office for this mechanic is “getting down and dirty with some motors and wrenches.”  

“We don’t have a lot of places on the land to play, but there’s lots of water sports.”
Don Patrick, West Tec watercraft race team owner 


Jet Ski mechanic Don Patrick at work.