Wanted: Old phone books for recycling

Cayman Yellow Pages is on a “green” campaign to keep old phone books out of the landfill and to increase awareness about recycling. 

The Yellow2Green telephone directory recycling program, started three years ago, was designed by the company to recycle old phone books in order to convert them into insulation for homes. 

Cayman Islands Yellow Pages will accept any dry phone book, even if it’s not one of its own.  

The directories will be sent via Thompson Shipping to GreenFiber, which describes itself as the largest manufacturer of GreenFiber insulation in the United Sates, and they will be converted into material that will be used for home insulation to improve energy efficiency. 

The campaign launch, from Jan. 24 to Feb. 21, coincides with the release of the 2014 telephone directory.  

The program includes the Yellow2Green school challenge, a competition for primary schools to win a Subway party and up to $1,500. The school that collects the most books, per student body, wins.  

“This is a great way to get kids excited about recycling. This is about their future, so it’s critical that they value preservation and grasp the concept of personal responsibility,” said Eileen Keens, marketing manager of the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages.  

The general public can also take part in this green effort. Collection containers will be located in several places, including at all Foster’s Food Fair stores, Kirk and Hurley’s supermarkets, Mail Boxes Etc. and the cinema at Camana Bay. 

“We really appreciate the support from all our partners. Their participation has allowed us to put together a great program and we’re grateful to be part of a community united by our commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Ms Keens.  

“We have been impressed with previous year’s totals as we have collected over 67,000 old phone books so far, but we’re challenging our residents once again to step it up and make this year an even greater success,” she added. 


Recycle your old phone books