Praise for bus employees who found missing purse

I wanted to relate to you how good of a service I have received from employees of the Cayman Islands Public Transport Unit. 

I take the bus every morning to get to work and, one morning, I stepped off downtown at Elizabethan Square from Bus No. 2 driven by Jason Simms, leaving my purse behind on the first seat. 

I did not realize I had left it up until I got to my office floor to try and get in. I turned around and went to the bus depot to find Inspector Keith Elliott on duty. 

He immediately took down the details I could remember on the driver and the bus color and started making some calls to try and find my purse. 

I then remembered I had waved to Richard Powery, driver of Bus No. 6, whom I have gotten to know over the past few months. Mr. Elliot called Richard to ask him if he remembered seeing me stepping off the bus, which he did and correctly identified the bus I was on. 

Mr. Elliott immediately called Mr. Simms to ask him if he had found the bag on his bus, which he did and mentioned he was on his way back to the depot to drop it! The matter was resolved in under a half hour. 

These gentlemen were extremely polite and helpful. They got me out of a potentially complicated situation of having to cancel credit cards and get back my driver’s license and other identification papers. 

I am Canadian so this makes it even more complicated. 

I would like to thank and commend the driver for returning the purse and its contents intact to the bus depot. Thanks as well to Mr. Elliott for his professionalism and promptness in resolving this matter!  

And, special thanks to Richard Powery who has also been very kind to me since I have been on-island. 

Had I not gotten to know him by chatting with him during my bus drives, I may not have retrieved my purse so quickly that morning. 

I am grateful there are still honest people in this world and believe that these employees are some of them. 


Julie Blais