Former bank employee admits to one of 34 deception charges

Pleads guilty to one count of obtaining property by deception

A former bank employee accused of 34 charges of obtaining property by deception from her former employer pleaded guilty Tuesday to one of the charges. 

In Summary Court, Ilsa Dalila Archibold, 45, admitted one charge of obtaining money that belonged to Scotiabank.  

The 34 charges all relate to a period between 2010 and 2012 when she was employed by the bank. 

Archibold’s attorney Delroy Murray told Magistrate Valdis Foldats that his client would be taking “a certain course” on some of the charges and “the opposite course” on others, while there were further charges for which he had yet to see any connection to Archibold. 

Social inquiry report 

Mr. Murray indicated that a social inquiry report would be needed. 

The magistrate in turn suggested that Archibold elect which court she wanted to deal with her matters and then enter one plea to get the process started. 

The defendant elected Summary Court and one charge was put to her: that on June 5, 2010, by deception, she dishonestly obtained $2023.50 from Scotiabank and Trust (Cayman) Ltd, with intent to permanently deprive, namely by falsely representing that the funds obtained were to be used for payment of a bank fee. 

The matter was set for mention again on Tuesday, March 18. The magistrate has not set a date for sentencing and he continued the defendant’s bail. 

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