Response to Feb. 19 Brac Dump Story

This is yet another account of Cayman Brac’s landfill site — “Mini Mount Trashmore.” 

Writing and complaining doesn’t solve the problem. 

Countless reports on the shame and pity of our island’s dump in the past 26 years have availed naught. 

Hot air. Smokey underground fires fester in southeast winds down toward Cayman Brac’s Platinum Coast, the West End. 

Since Hurricanes Ivan and Paloma, the waste has grown till it will be high as an elephant’s eye, way up the Bluff — as the Queen’s property — before we know it! 

Roll up your collective sleeves, government, and determine who shall have responsibility for cleaning up this unacceptable blot on our sweet horizon. 

This problem CAN BE RESOLVED. 

Hurry up, it’s time! 

Nan Socolow 

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