Cayman Airways praised for finding bag

It is human custom to highlight and speak about the mishaps and ills we suffer or experience from others, whether they are intentional or accidental. 

Yet it is natural to quickly forget the good things a person or persons have done, and even the memory of exceptional deeds and events tends to fade away in a matter of no time. 

I have decided to go against the natural currents of this trend and publicly give some commendations, praise and, yes, accolades, to the pilots and crew members of a Cayman Airways flight for an unforgettable good deed they have done for me.  

On Wednesday morning, Feb. 5, 2014, I boarded the flight in Kingston, Jamaica, destined for Grand Cayman. After putting away my carry-on luggage and taking my seat with my seatbelt buckled, the flight attendants began their pre-flight safety routine. 

I was seated just behind the first-class partition where there is no under-seat space in front where I would normally put my camera bag, so I looked to put it under my own seat … “Oh goodness, where is my camera bag?” 

With my heart racing, I quickly released my seatbelt and interrupted the flight attendant who was standing close in front of me, and nervously told her to hold on; I could not find my bag. 

We both looked inside the overhead compartment where I had placed the laptop bag, but it was not there. 

It was now clear that I had left my Nikon camera bag somewhere in the departure lounge or in the restroom where I had stopped on my way to the departure gate.  

After a few questions about the description of the bag, and where I might have left it, this kind and composed flight attendant related the matter to the pilot on the intercom. 

The plane, which by now had begun to move towards the runway, came to a stop about 200 yards away from the jet bridge. 

I really felt like I wanted to open the door and go quickly to look for my bag. 

By this time the pilot contacted the airline’s agents, AJAS, who went looking for my bag. I told the attendant I would prefer to miss the flight than to go without my bag. 

Her responses to me were encouraging, but I prayed to God to intercede and help. 

I waited for what seemed like eternity. 

Then I saw the luggage conveyor vehicle speeding towards the pilot’s window. 

A man jumped onto the lift carrying a bag, which I clearly recognized, even at that distance, as my bag. 

My heartbeat began to return to its normal rhythm. 

What a relief! 

In a short moment, while I sat there thanking God, the flight attendant brought me my bag which I received with a big smile, much heartfelt gratitude and apologies.  

I want to say to that flight crew, and to all the passengers, who were so understanding and patient, thanks for your patience and care. 

This experience I will not soon forget. For me it will be indeed unforgettable. 

Ayon Baxter 

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