GT’s ‘Swamp’ soon ‘Caribbean Gardens’?

Although it is not the official name of the area in George Town nestled between Eastern Avenue and Godfrey Nixon Way, the “Swamp” may be updating its nomenclature.

If Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush gets his way, “Swamp” will be changed to “Caribbean Gardens.”

Mr. Bush has filed a private members motion to that effect for the upcoming meeting of the Legislative Assembly. Motions of this kind are typically advisory in nature and do not carry the force of law, if approved.

The opposition leader said he felt “Swamp” had a negative connotation and said the neighborhood name could be changed to reflect the Caribbean people who live in the area surrounding Washington Avenue, off Eastern Avenue.

In addition, Mr. Bush is seeking to change the names of two roads in West Bay district via the motion. He has proposed changing the name of Rev. Blackman Road to Capts. Dalson and McSherry Drive and changing Fountain Road to Capt. Cadie’s Drive.


  1. Instead of changing the name of the neighborhood, he should seek funding to change the drainage so the people don’t get flooded out every time it rains.

  2. It think it is always very good to make improvements from better to best.
    A very welcomed idea Mr Bush. Also While you are at it do you think that after 10 years the residence of Cumber Avenue Bodden Town could get some assistance in the drainage problem that has been effecting residents since 10 years of promises.

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