Smiling through a tough time

Woman diagnosed with breast cancer focuses on staying positive

Pam Kelly’s laugh is contagious. 

While talking about her battle with breast cancer and retelling the story of her diagnosis, Ms. Kelly does not stop smiling.  

She describes when she fell ill, but pairs it with her plans for her boyfriend’s surprise birthday party. As always, she talks about others first.  

“[I told the doctor] we can’t ruin my boyfriend’s birthday. I even got him a Mario Kart cake – it’s his favorite,” she said. 

The couple had taken a trip back to her home in Honduras and Ms. Kelly did not want to dampen the surprise party with bad news. Four months later, shortly after her 30th birthday, doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer.  

“It was quite a shock during Christmas and New Year,” Ms. Kelly said. “At my age, you don’t even think the worst. I’m so young. I like to go with the flow, but some days it is not easy.”  

Ms. Kelly explains the feeling of watching her hair slowly fall out and the first time she bought a wig. 

“For any breast cancer fighter and survivor, that is the worst, when you notice yourself starting to look very sick,” she said. 

“But I believe in karma. If I have a good attitude, good things will come to me.” 

Ms. Kelly works as a server at the George Town Yacht Club and although she works full time, she says some days she does not have the strength.  

So far, she has incurred chemotherapy fees of around $10,000 and has requested financial support from the Breast Cancer Foundation. 

The Yacht Club is hosting a dinner buffet “Pretty in Pink” on April 12 at the venue with all funds going toward chemotherapy fees and medical expenses. Guests are invited to wear pink and attend the dinner between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. 

Tickets are $50. For more details, phone 947-4892. 

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