Brac Duck Pond: A proposal

Please bear with me as I want to pass on a few comments about the pond and the planned marina by the Alexander Hotel.

After having property in Cayman Brac for 12 years and complaining about the stench of that pond to the environmental department; they finally put a front end loader and scooped out some of the polluted sand of the lake, which is emitting the odor in the area. We tried to go there several times and it was unbearable.

I do not think it a good idea to put a marina by cutting a canal out to the ocean as this will bring huge waves into the pond area, flood the homes around the lake area and the hotel, and endanger people’s lives. I have carefully thought out a solution to solve this problem for the hotel to clean up the water.

Trench out a channel three or four feet deep under the water from the pond going across the road to the inside of the reef, putting one east and one west in the pond. Lay a three-foot diameter concrete pipe from the pond out to 10 to 15 feet out from the beach.

Then fill the trench with cement to stabilize the pipe to protect it so the weather does not damage the pipe nor road traffic. Then while this is going on, put a couple of front end loaders to scrape the sand out of the base of the pond. This to truck away to the bluff to bleach out and to be used for construction or roads. This would be much less costly; it would protect the hotel and the surrounding residences. It would clear up the odor and be a pleasure for the people in the hotel and the surrounding properties. This method has been done here previously and will not pollute the sea, nor be a detriment to the reefs and the marine life. The bird life will not be affected. I hope you will give this serious consideration and recommend it to the people in charge and the Alexander Hotel. A marina should be put on the south side of the airport between the airport and the road.


  1. Mr Soto, can you explain in detail how this will remedy the smell coming from the pond. I’m curious as to how fresh water will move in and out the pond via the 3 foot pipe. I’ve heard some other convincing options such as laying pipes under the road to bring water in and out of the pond in order to keep it clean but these include large pumps.

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