Red Bay kids stretch their knowledge of Olympic values

Red Bay Primary School students recently learned about Olympic values like friendship, respect and excellence, through games and gymnastics at Motions Unlimited.

The Cayman Islands Gymnastics Association organized two field trips for Red Bay Primary, featuring 25 Year Two and Year Four students. The trips were made possible through accessing Olympic Solidarity funding, with the assistance of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee.

Association president Toni Pinkerton said the trips are part of this year’s goal to promote gymnastics in Cayman and make it more accessible to the community.

“We spent much of 2013 developing an infrastructure to support a national team, and while we continue to support the national program, we wanted to turn our focus this year to finding time and resources to expose more kids to gymnastics and make it more accessible to everyone,” Pinkerton said.

Part of last year’s infrastructure development focused on private funding. In December, through a fundraising project involving local businesses, the association established a scholarship fund and granted its first gymnastics scholarship early in 2014.

The association is grateful for Olympic Solidarity funding, which uses money generated through broadcasting and sponsorship at every Olympic Games. Those funds are invested back into local programs across the world. While these proceeds do fund scholarships and training for elite athletes, a substantial portion of the money is set aside to support nations with emerging sports programs – like Cayman – with a view to leveling the playing field and encouraging all nations to put their best athletes forward for world competition.

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