Ruby is focused on more strength now

Ultra-distance runner Scott Ruby has not slipped back to his old slothful ways and is in great shape, as usual, only now he is concentrating on building up his CrossFit skills.  

Ruby used to be obese, lived a sedentary lifestyle, and was a chain-smoking couch potato until a health scare turned him full circle.  

By modifying his diet, quitting nicotine and taking up running and moderate exercise, he lost more than 130 pounds and now trains most days with the exceptionally tough CrossFit 7 Mile gym.  

The pot belly has given way to rippling abdominal muscles but he recently cut back on his long distance running to focus on strength building and CrossFit skills. The exceptionally long runs have been replaced with moderate length, more intense sessions, yet he is still doing about 50 miles a week. Ruby also still does resistance runs, such as dragging a tire and running with a weight vest on the soft sand.  

The American’s last running event was the 50K Off the Beaten Track in February, in which he finished third overall in the solo category. 

His last competition was a couple of months ago in the CrossFit Open, which entails five demanding tests. He did not do as well as expected.  

“I had some scoring issues to start with that showcased my ability to not follow instructions and that got me off to a horrific start,” Ruby said.  

“The next workout of the day was a direct hit to my weakest skill set, the overhead squat, so I had a lion’s share of humble pie.”  

With the help of the coaches and the encouragement of his gym-mates, Ruby finished strongly in the last workouts and was thankful the competition was over. He began focusing on his weak spots after that.  

His next competition is a CrossFit 7 Mile competition next week. “I would like to have a good showing there,” he said. “I will show up, put it on the line and accept the outcome. If I do my best, it will be enough, no matter what happens.” 

The CrossFit 7 Mile team goes to the Latin America regional competition soon, but Ruby did not get selected.  

“I am simply not well rounded enough as yet,” he said. “There are many more well-rounded athletes to choose from. It has to be what’s best for the team.  

“If I want to be a part of the Games, I alone have to become better at the CrossFit standards. Coaches can only do so much, it is on me to do the rest.” 

There is no likelihood of him slipping back to his old ways when Ruby weighed over 300 pounds and had all sorts of health issues. 

“I still hit the floor ready to go. No excuses, do the work. I keep a first in, last out mantra at CrossFit 7 Mile and I’m as happy as ever, tire in tow. 

He added, “Fitness and health are gifts one gives themselves. I hear people talking about what they ‘deserve’ in the way of food. Like a long trip to the gym means they deserve a trip to the ice cream shop on the way home.  

“So I broke it down to individuals a bit different when it comes to bad food choices. ‘What did your body ever do to you to deserve to be poisoned?’  

“Your body deserves to be well fueled, hydrated, conditioned and rested.” 


Scott Ruby is improving his CrossFit skills now. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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