Tour de France puts generations in a spin

Cyclists often train indoors by attending spinning classes on static bikes and Jerome Ameline, owner of Revolutions Indoor Cycling club has introduced a series of spinning classes to coincide with the sport’s premier race, the Tour de France.  

There will be a special spinning ride of three hours at Revolutions in George Town called “Tour de France” on July 25, which is two days before the three-week race’s end in Paris. 

Ameline introduced shorter, build-up rides every month for people to reach their fitness level and confidence required.  

The rides are on the last Friday of every month and the next one is a two-hour ride this Friday, from 5.30 p.m. 

During the last build-up ride, there were two special guests – Ameline’s father-in-law, Ramon Alberga, who is 87, and Jerome’s daughter Madison Ameline, aged 6. Jerome’s wife Cathy taught the class. 

So it was a three-generation family affair at Revolutions with 80 years difference between the youngest and oldest rider. 

“In addition to our guest appearances, the students were entertained with music from across the globe, Batabano drills, team competitions, games, prizes, a Tour de France quiz, and the unveiling of a special edition Tour de France/Revolutions yellow spinning bike,” said Ameline. “The bike was offered to the winner of the quiz to use during the training event.”  

Alberga attended the Revolutions opening day eight years ago and took two classes a week for about two years until needing to take time off to deal with health issues.  

His appearance at the Tour de France build-up reminded him how much he enjoyed the spinning classes and how good he felt after them, so he joined up again and started training with one class a week and plans to go up to twice weekly in May. 

Madison got her own child-sized bike at Revolutions two years ago and goes in at least once a week to participate in a classes and even gearing up to teach a jump section soon. 


Madison Ameline and Ramon Alberga are getting fit for their own Tour de France.

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