Cocaine suspect in court

A woman charged with importing cocaine after seven pounds of the drug were found hidden in hammocks inside her luggage appeared in Summary Court this week.

Magistrate Grace Donalds withheld bail for Kenecia Melissa Millwood, 24, who was arrested after arriving in Cayman from San Andres, Colombia, on the evening of Monday, April 21, on board a Cayman Airways flight.

Crown counsel Alex Upton outlined the background to the charge. He said that during an X-ray examination of all luggage, three hammocks inside Millwood’s luggage appeared to have abnormal shapes inside the wooden end pieces that support the hammock.

A drug search dog showed interest in the items and they were scanned again.

Drilling into the wooden piece revealed a white substance that was subsequently analyzed and found to be cocaine.

Mr. Upton said Millwood had no record of any previous convictions for the defendant, but opposed bail on other grounds.

He said Millwood was cautioned and asked about the hammocks. She said she had bought them, along with other items, including jeans and perfume, at various stores in Colombia on Saturday, April 19. She said she bought them because “we live near the beach.”

Attorney Lucy Organ, appearing for the defendant, said Millwood’s defense was that she did not know the drugs were in the hammocks.

She said her client had a medical condition that led to her being hospitalized while in custody because she did not have her medication.

The attorney said she found out where her client was after the custody sergeant called her to contact Millwood’s family to get the medication, but by that time she had already been taken to hospital.

Ms. Organ asked for Thursday, May 1, as another mention date so that an election can be made as to whether the matter will be dealt with in Summary Court or Grand Court.

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