Cat burglars strike in Frank Sound

A kennel left out as a shelter and feeding station for feral cats has been stolen. 

Animal charity PAWS takes care of the colony, providing food twice a day at the Frank Sound dock for the cats in the area, which it has also spayed and neutered. 

Giuseppe Gatta, who runs the charity, said the kennel had been donated by a member of the public to help protect the cats from rain and sun and keep the food dry. 

But the small wooden kennel, which has “PAWS, do not remove” written across the roof in green paint, was stolen Monday. 

“When we arrived to feed the cats, we noticed immediately that the kennel was stolen, the water bowls and food bowls were left,” said Mr. Gatta. 

“The good thing about it that, hopefully, a small dog now has a shelter, but the point is that if a member of the public needs a kennel for their dog, PAWS will be happy to assist in finding them one. Anyone who needs help, please call us and leave the shelter’s [kennel] for those that it was meant for in the first place.” 

Anyone with information can contact Giuseppe or Susanna Gatta on 916-1731 or 916-3957. 


The kennel was stolen from the Frank Sound dock.

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