Road access clears way for BT affordable homes

Occupants waiting to move into new affordable housing in Bodden Town may be able to do so as early as next month, according to housing officials. 

Access to the subdivision off Sitwell Road in Belford Estates is now available with the addition of a new road, said George Powell, chairman of the National Housing Development Trust. 

The 20 government-built affordable houses in Bodden Town have been vacant since they were completed more than a year ago while government sorted out an access road for the development, which delayed occupation of the homes. 

In an earlier interview with the Caymanian Compass, Mr. Powell explained that since government had not entered into a formal agreement with landowner Justin Wood in relation to using the road near the new Cox Lumber building at the entrance to the housing scheme before they were built, another entry point had to be located. 

Housing Trust officials were in talks with Mr. Wood and another neighboring landowner, Harvey Stephenson, to come to an agreement to purchase land to use as a right of way, but that did not materialize. 

“We passed on documentation to both Mr. Wood and Mr. Stephenson, but after not getting a response back, we set about making a new access point off Sitwell Road in Belford Estates,” Mr. Powell said. 

He added that the housing trust has already started designing the site for the remaining 14 homes that will complete phase two of the project. 


The government-built homes in Bodden Town have been empty since their completion more than a year ago. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

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