Praise for Pinnacle Media staff

I just cannot withhold it!

I must act to honor at least two of your “frontline staff persons!” It just must be done, and I must do it today!

I just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know what “gems” you have working at Pinnacle Media in the reception desk area. I was there on Friday morning, and this is what prompted me to drop you this short note. But in reality, I have seen it consistently and “naturally” done each and every time that I pop in to Pinnacle to pick up a newspaper or place an advertisement.

The two members of staff of whom I speak are Theresa Grant and Barbara Bodden.

Ms. Theresa Grant — She is a “gem.” Her mannerisms highlight the fact that she is “in love with her self and her job!” She is efficient and courteous to a fault. She, as they say, “is comfortable in her own skin.”

Ms. Barbara Bodden — She is professional, she dresses like the “Queen of England,” and her smile is 100 percent infectious!

They do not know that I am writing this short memo to you, but I would not be averse to them knowing if such is your decision. But just know this: You can shut the front doors of Pinnacle if you lose them on your frontline service team! And also … they know more about what makes Pinnacle tick than you ever will!

Promote them, encourage them and treat them like royalty. Because each and every day, they make Pinnacle proud, and a place to visit!

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