Writer: Ms. McField deserves credit

Response to May 12 Compass story, “Meals on Wheels fundraising success” 

I, and a number of Caymanians with whom I’ve spoken, are offended that no mention nor picture of Beulah McField occurred in the Monday, May 12, issue of the Compass newspaper. 

Since I’ve been a recipient of Meals on Wheels for a number of years, I’m the horse’s mouth in that I know first hand that: 

Beulah has personally delivered — even in the rain in her 5-inch heels — meals to me, which was especially important when I wasn’t feeling well. 

Beulah overseas a number of helpers in order that about 170 meals go out each and every day. 

Beulah has been on TV (Channel 27) begging for donations on a number of occasions, and recently the Biker’s Club raised 4,000 pounds when their goal was 2,000 pounds. 

Friends of mine like Tortuga Rum have donated food (shrimp), etc., and would certainly be offended to feel that Beulah was left out of the “Meals on Wheels Fundraising Success” story on last Saturday’s event; she informs me that she was in fact there, so how could someone (a photographer) not take her picture, etc.? 

Would your photographer have any pictures which didn’t go into the paper which included Beulah? If so, I’m sure that her many supporters would be most appreciative if these were in fact published some time this week. Or, in the alternative, perhaps you could go right down to where the action happens and take her picture along with the workers and write up a story about the people (we, the people) who make and deliver 170 or so meals each and every day, and trust me, the meals have been getting better and better, like gourmet dining so everyone can be proud of the work that Beulah and her staff have accomplished over the years. 

And, speaking from first-hand experience, when I was ill recently in Toronto, Canada, I had the “opportunity” to require Meals on Wheels, and firstly one must pay, and secondly the food isn’t that great in spite of the fact that St. Michael’s Hospital prepare these meals. 

I surely wouldn’t like to be in hospital if these are the quality of meals served to patients trying to get better — Good Luck. 

I plan to write and/or call Sun Life Insurance, who fund part of this program, to advise them that they should be delivering much better meals, and they have plenty of volunteers so I’d like to know what their problem is with sub-standard meals, which I had to give away on a number of occasions because I simply couldn’t eat same. 

Editor’s note: We agree and are pleased to give justly deserved credit to Ms. McField and all the other people driving the most-worthy Meals on Wheels initiative. 


Meals on Wheels held its inaugural fundraiser at Luca restaurant Saturday evening. Pictured above are board members Pastor Bentley Robinson, Brigitte Shaughness, Joe Imparato, Rob Imparato (secretary), Beulah McField and Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile (chairman). – Photo: Courtney Platt

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