Nurses in the spotlight this week

Nurse Olga Robb-Wright was awarded the Eloise Reid Award for Nursing Excellence on Monday, kicking off the annual Nurses Week. 

The event is spearheaded by the Cayman Islands Nurses Association to highlight the local nursing industry.  

Ms. Wright, a public health nurse on the surgical ward at the Health Services Authority who has been in the field for 20 years, was chosen from 15 nominated nurses. 

“I am very happy to receive such a prestigious award and I feel very honored. I have been a nurse for 20 years and I enjoy caring for my patients,” said Ms. Robb-Wright. 

She added, “It is a joy to see patients recover from their illness and return home, knowing you played a part in their recovery. I encourage the nurses to keep the standard of nursing high by being respectful, responsible, have great integrity, a caring attitude and the excellence of nursing will continue for decades to come.” 

Past President of the Nurses Association Rebekah Brooks said that the number of nominations this year were the highest ever. 

“The awards ceremony was fantastic; it was so nice to see so many nurses were nominated for the award. I think this year was the most they’ve ever had. It’s a great honor for the Health Services Authority that so many nurses are recognized from that hospital,” said Ms. Brooks. 

The Eloise Reid Award for Excellence in Nursing was launched six years ago and the award is named after the former CEO of the Health Services Authority. 

Nurses are nominated based on the criteria of having “demonstrated excellence” in the “standards for nursing practices.” 

Nurses Week includes a three-day conference which began on Wednesday in which various lectures are being held at the Marriott Beach Resort. This year’s conference theme is “Nurses: Unleashing the power of care.” 

Vice President of the Cardiovascular Program at South Miami Hospital, Dr. Carol Biggs, gave the key note address at the opening of the conference.  

Ms. Biggs spoke about how to improve communication lines between nurses, doctors, and patients.  

“Lack of communication is a big issue especially because there are so many people involved with the care so we have to be more in tune with that patient and then with each other,” she told an audience of medical professionals. 

During her visit to Cayman, Ms. Biggs also toured the Cayman Islands Hospital, which is run by the Health Services Authority.  

“We went over to the Health Services Authority hospital and did a tour and I’m very impressed with the hospital, they really have a great comprehensive system,” she said. 

Ms. Biggs added that she was also pleased with the local nursing industry.  

“The nursing industry is thriving; they are really on the forefront with health care … [and] evidence-based practice and research,” said Ms. Biggs. 


Dr. Biggs


Nurse Robb-Wright

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