Jolly Roger sails again


The Jolly Roger is about to set sail after eight months of shore leave. 

The ship has undergone a $150,000 refit and will be offering pirate-themed trips to tourists from next week. 

The ship, which was a popular tourist attraction and a big part of the annual Pirates Week, has been in dry dock since September last year. 

Its sister ship, the Valhalla, sank in Cuba during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 

Harry Lalli, who runs the business, said it had been a frustrating few months but he was confident that the Jolly Roger would return to its place as one of the island’s favorite attractions. 

“We have a lot of repeat customers who look forward to going on the Jolly Roger every year. We had to give up a lot of corporate business. People have definitely missed it,” he said. 

The ship, which was built in 1986 and is a “two-thirds replica” of Christopher Colombus’s galleon Nina, needed an “extensive refit.” 

Timber has been replaced, the engine rebuilt, a new generator installed and the decks have been remodeled. “It all has to be done by shipwrights who specialize in old wooden sailing vessels,” Mr. Lalli said. 

Whenever the 65-ton pirate ship required repairs or even routine maintenance previously, it had to go to Cuba,because no local port had the capacity to pull it out of the water.  

On this occasion, it was able to be hauled out by Scotts Marine at the Barcadere Marina using a 100-ton travel lift installed 
in 2012. 


Tourists will have a chance to get back on board the Jolly Roger soon. – PHOTO: CHRIS COURT

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