Brenton cranks up for highest CrossFit challenge now

Wanda Brenton is feeling a lot of love in the Cayman Islands right now. And well she should, as she basks in the glory of being Latin America’s individual women’s CrossFit champ.  

That was achieved in Santiago, Chile a couple of weeks ago and is still being celebrated because it was such a titanic feat.  

CrossFit workouts are challenging enough, but imagine having to compete at maximum intensity against the region’s fittest for three days straight.  

Brenton is only a few months short of her 40th birthday and this was her first attempt at the individual CrossFit title having competed in team events previously.  

To beat much younger and more experienced rivals was outstanding. All the months of hard work and sacrifice came together nicely. 

She admits the support has been overwhelming, not just locally but from people as diverse as long forgotten pals from high school and Facebook friends scattered all over the world.  

Brenton did well in most of the workouts but knew that the handstand walks would be a problem, never having been a gymnast. She was eighth overall in that of 29 but managed to win three of the seven events, earning the much coveted victory.  

The last event was 64 pull-ups and eight overhead squats with a bar weighing 135 pounds. Considering Brenton weighs 140 pounds, merely lifting that weight above her head was an accomplishment in itself. Another challenge included a legless rope climb, just using arms to pull yourself up.  

Now it’s for the finals in Carson, California, the last weekend of July, over three days again, with more guidance from Arizona-base online coach James “Optimum Performance Training” Fitzgerald, aka OPT.  

Brenton admits her world ranking will be near the bottom of the 45 at the finals but is absolutely fine with that. “There is no pressure,” she said. “I know I’m not the strongest. I’m hoping to be able to hang in there with my conditioning and athletic background.” 

She starred for Cayman in volleyball for years and played top level soccer in Canada.  

The wear and tear on Brenton’s right shoulder and elbow from all the volleyball is now an issue and she has just got over a cold, but that fierce competitive spirit will shine through in Carson. With husband Carl, three-year-old daughter Logan and the whole of the CrossFit 7 Mile gym rooting her on, the good will is there in abundance.  

Nutrition is an important factor, of course. Brenton eats some carbs for energy, but sticks mostly to protein, tons of vegetables and “good” fats from avocados and almonds. She also cooks a lot with coconut oil.  

All in all, so far it has been the perfect recipe for success. 

CrossFit workouts are challenging enough, but imagine having to compete at maximum intensity against the region’s fittest for three days straight. 


Wanda Brenton overcame total exhaustion to win in Chile.

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