Ameline secured May Classics series despite being lapped

The fourth and final cycle race in the May Classics was a predictable victory for Jerome Ameline, his third consecutive triumph in the annual event.

It was an exciting race on Sunday around central George Town, because Michele “Mitch” Smith, the second placed rider at the start, tried hard to make up the deficit of nearly two minutes from the previous three races in the series. Many spectators showed up for the 5 p.m. start to support the end of the series.

The highlights were Smith starting hard intent on closing the time between him and Ameline. Both Smith and Steve Abbott lead the race from the start with a chase group involving Ameline.

Smith managed to drop Abbott and opened the gap as much as 46 seconds, however, Ameline managed to stay close to Smith’s wheel after he had gone around and lapped him.

Smith won the race, Abbott was second and even though Ameline was third, it was enough to comfortably secure the series. Smith was second in the series and Abbott third.

In the ladies division, despite Carien Roberts-Harcombe not being present, series leader Risa Golberg still showed her competitive spirit by racing amongst the men’s elite when she only needed to cruise around to secure the championship.

Golberg crashed around one of the corners but managed to get back up and bravely finished the race.

She won the competition overall with Roberts-Harcombe second and Ceretta Harvey third.

Josh Weaver improved his times again and as the only junior cyclist was the lone kid on the podium. He has raced in every event this year.

The masters was won by David Cooke, with Vico Testori second and Lauren Weber third.

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