Crown goes to trial on one of 34 charges

Former bank employee Ilsa Dalila Archibold entered pleas on Tuesday to 33 charges of obtaining property by deception from Scotia Bank and Trust, replying “Guilty” 21 times as Magistrate Grace Donalds read the charges to her. 

Archibold answered “Not guilty” 12 times. 

Crown Counsel Neil Kumar then advised the court that the crown applied to withdraw 11 of the 12 charges which the defendant had denied. 

That left one charge – that Archibold obtained by deception $2,232.50 on Oct. 20, 2011. 

With the not guilty plea maintained and the crown not changing its position, defense attorney Delroy Murray asked for a trial date. The magistrate set Oct. 14. 

Archibold pleaded guilty in February to one count of obtaining property by deception after she elected to be tried in Summary Court instead of Grand Court. Mr. Murray had asked for the preparation of a social inquiry report but the presiding magistrate declined to order one until at least one plea had been recorded. 

An informal calculation by the Cayman Compass of the amounts specified in the 22 charges to which Archibold pleaded guilty indicates that the total amount obtained was approximately $39,211. 

The charges that were withdrawn involved amounts totaling approximately $19,249. 

The offenses occurred between June, 2010 and July, 2012. The largest sum alleged was $2,736 and the smallest was $978.75 

The court has not heard any circumstances of the offending. 

Archibold, 45, has remained on bail pending her various court appearances. 

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