Preschoolers bring smiles to sick children

Students from the Just For Kids Preschool in Prospect have helped to bring a smile to the faces of children at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Teachers and students of the preschool delivered flat screen TVs, DVD players, books and dozens of toys to the Children’s Clinic and the Pediatric Ward at the hospital in George Town.

The initiative was set up by the school’s Parent Teachers Association and staff, who organized a walkathon to raise the funds for the gifts.

Dr. Marilyn McIntyre, senior doctor on the Pediatric Ward, thanked school principal Evelyn Rocket and her team on behalf of the unit.

“Usually we get equipment for the hospital but she went out of her way to find something for the children – educational toys and not guns of sorts, which teaches them to be aggressive, but something that teaches them so they can learn. We really appreciate it,” Dr. McIntyre said.

Ms. Rockett said each year the school involves the children in a community event, so the children can learn about giving back to society.

“It is important because there are people who are not as well off and we need to have empathy and to know that giving and sharing is a good thing. By the students going out and helping their parents seek sponsorships, they were able to use their manners which is taught at the school, speaking skills which we try to instill, and they did a fantastic job. We raised over $3,000 and we are very happy about it,” she said.

“The pediatric ward and clinic will be the school’s charity for quite a few years to come,” she added. Lizzette Yearwood, chief executive officer of the hospital, applauded the teachers, parents and students for organizing the donations.

“When children come to the hospital, they are very scared and insecure. When they see the toys, it eases the tension and allows them to be examined by the doctors. We really appreciate the donation,” said Ms. Yearwood said.

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