‘Instant message’ for Minister Bodden

In a recent correspondence, Health Minister Osbourne Bodden wrote to the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce: “I must state clearly … that it is not in the country’s best interest, when the Chamber or any media house, cries out for an instant fix” to resolve George Town’s landfill issues.

Now. Minister Bodden may have thought he was exhibiting noblesse oblige by not naming the media outlet as the Cayman Compass, or perhaps he didn’t want to give us any additional brand recognition that might, in turn, result in our selling more newspapers.

Makes no difference. We are pleased to be associated with our ongoing commentary on what is no doubt the Cayman Islands’ most-toxic environmental disgrace and perhaps our most-lethal health issue.

However, we do take issue with Mr. Bodden’s loose-lipped commentary that this newspaper, or the Chamber, have called for “an instant fix” to Mount Trashmore.

Instant fix? This dump site has been growing in height, smell and toxicity for more than 30 years! Mr. Bodden and his Bodden Town colleagues cruised into office on the pledge of “No Dump in Bodden Town” and on the assurance that they had solutions to our long-neglected solid waste disposal issues.

Foolishly, the electorate believed them.

Actually, Mr. Bodden and the PPM government did have an “instant fix” at their disposal. It was the Dart proposal (valued at $60 million) which they rejected out of hand for purely political reasons.

The PPM government, in its recent “strategic outline case,” now admits it has no money and no immediate prospects of a private sector partner. It does have a plan to spend $4 million over the next two years on “professional fees” and a time frame to resolve our solid waste management issues by 2019 — at best.

We might not have an “instant fix” (other than to try to coax the Dart group back to the table), but we do have an “instant reaction”: This lack of urgency (like the dump) stinks.


  1. The Recycling people on dump road with over 1 million pounds of trash sent off cayman this year alone, need material to send to the states for processing Your donations of just about anything but chicken bone would be welcome and they will promptly ship it away

  2. The only reason the current government is running this country is because they colluded that the dump would not be in Bodden Town. Since then they have done nothing but stop any progress regarding the dump. Also, the immigration/roll over is a mess, an unresolved issue with expats leaving in massive numbers and the government has no money.
    McKeeva with all his issues, at least would have had the dump deal done, amended the roll over because he was always pro-business and got things done. The current government is destroying this island.
    People need to understand that a waste management facility is not a dump. They are not going to take all the garbage and dump in in BT. I think there needs to be more awareness to this to the general public when their Country is at stake… they were elected for the wrong reasons.. anti progress.

  3. Dart plans were to cap the dump and turn into a huge public park with walking and bike paths. There were no plan to move the trash to Bodden Town as the people there rumored. If anyone thinks that this would be a bad idea here’s some good reading for you. The one thing Cayman doesn’t have is large open green spaces to walk around and enjoy nature especially in the capitol and don’t give me that pristine East End crap, when is the last time any of you took a stroll through the wetlands out East if you even can. Just read about these places and you will see how this could have turned out for the good of us all.


  4. The five most accurate and revealing words of this article… Foolishly, the electorate believed them.
    Boy…they sure showed Dart, didn’t they? After all, dey bon here. Nothing is more pathetic than ignorant and blatant political pandering.

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