Triple C to host old school goodness

Some talented former students of Triple C will find themselves back at school on Saturday as part of a fundraiser that promises some “old school” goodness.

Samuel Rose of the Swanky Kitchen Band, from Triple C’s Class of 1996, said, “If you are allergic to Caymanian culture, or if your joints can’t handle dancing, or if your heart cannot manage a good laugh, I would strongly suggest you avoid Triple C School on June 7 as Swanky will be serving up some strong doses of … old time Caymanian music and great family friendly entertainment.”

The show, featuring alumni and current students, will benefit recipients of the Ena Merren Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Swanky Kitchen Band, Pastor Alson Ebanks (Class of ‘69), Sarah Alicia (Class of ‘02), and Mason Chisholm, aka Da RealMC, from Pauze Entertainment (Class of ‘05) will be among the performers at A Night of the Arts concert in the school’s multipurpose hall.

The Ena Merren Memorial Scholarship Fund is named after a Triple C’s founder who assisted students when the school first opened its doors in 1941.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children and free for under 4, and can be purchased at the Church of God Chapel, Family Life Centre, and Christian Enlightenment Center.

For more information, call 949-6022 or email [email protected]