Junior Achievers awarded

More than 300 people gathered to applaud students honored for their leadership roles over the past year at the Junior Achievement Awards banquet at the Marriott last month.  

Twelve awards were presented to students for their leadership roles in marketing, finance, human resources, production and sales. 

Students were recognized for their efforts individually and as team players. Eight students were chosen to attend the Next Generation Leadership Conference, an international forum for top Junior Achievement students to mingle with experts from the business and academic field. This year the conference will be held at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, from Aug. 17 to 22.  

Paul Byles, president of Junior Achievement, thanked the volunteers “and our corporate ambassadors, Maples, HSBC, Caledonian, the Cayman Island government, BDO, Rotary Central, the Chamber of Commerce and Dart.  

“The tremendous success of this youth program would not have been possible without their efforts,” he said. 

Mr. Byles also thanked parents for their support. 

“I realize that as parents you may find it unusual that we would thank you for making the effort to support your children in a program such as this one. But in times like these when many parents seem to find it increasingly challenging to balance career and family commitments, you have continued to make it a priority to support your children in Junior Achievement, and that investment is long lasting,” he said. 

Mr. Byles also congratulated students for their achievements throughout the year and encouraged them to share their positive experiences with their peers. 

This year’s keynote speaker was Marzeta Bodden, a former Junior Achievement student, and an entrepreneur who founded Cayman Food Tours. 

Students who were awarded include: Vanessa Burke of Corkology, President of the Year; Vice Presidents of the Year Althea Naomi Miller of Corkology for her marketing role, Michael Cummings of Corkology for his finance role, Marika Scotland of Sniff N’ Smile for her production role; Kman Kraft won Company of the Year; Mind Crafters won Product of the Year; Dejian Solomon of U Message won Most Promising Male Achiever; Alexandra Jennings of Namyac won Most Promising Female Achiever; and Joel Maxwell of U Message won the Pat Randall Award. 


Marika Scotland, Kaitlin Lee Pack, Bianca Tibbetts, Nathanya Tibbetts, Jordan Grant, Finley McDougall, Scott Burley and Hasani Stewart have been chosen to go to the Next Generation Leaders conference in Ontario, Canada, in August.