Purple Dragons head to Japan

The Purple Dragon Karate School is going through its busiest and most exciting phase of the year. 

Last week Purple Dragon founder Professor Don Jacob visited the school at the Mirco Centre to supervise grading over two days and now a fully inspired group is preparing for a trip to Japan for a historic martial arts experience.  

The students said that it is always a pleasure to hear Jacob speak, sharing his knowledge and experiences gathered from traveling around the world all his adult life, spreading his system of Don Jitsu-Ryu which has more than 50 schools worldwide.  

The students felt the seminars Jacob held were extremely motivational, instilling in them the need to give maximum effort and surpass themselves during the grading.  

The Purple Dragon philosophy is to create well rounded citizens as well as supreme athletes. The lesson that stood out most, students said, was to not only become an invaluable member of society but make significant contributions to help those they come in contact with to improve and develop their lives. 

Purple Dragon Cayman Islands has produced more than 50 black belts and last week’s grading included many brown belts who took a step closer to achieving that coveted level.  

“We expect to see many more black belts in the future with 19 students currently at brown belt stage,” said Sensei Floyd Baptiste, who runs the school. Sensei Floyd, his wife Sensei Karen and their elder son Dante will be traveling with the team. 

There is a feeling of pure excitement for the trip to Japan, he said.  

The 15 Cayman students of the 68 total have gone through all the necessary preparation and are eagerly awaiting what promises to be the learning experience of a lifetime. 

The team is looking forward to seeing all the martial arts historical sites as well as the opportunity to train at some of the martial arts traditional dojos, some being hundreds of years old. 

There will also be the first Purple Dragon black belt ceremony there and they will visit the village where the legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi grew up. In the 17th century, Musashi wrote “The Book of Five Rings,” which still widely read in all martial arts institutions.  

They will also visit a ninja village and the Butoku Kai in Kyoto, the world’s oldest martial arts institution, which is more than 2,500 years old. 

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of things happening at Purple Dragon Cayman in the near future.  

“We will soon be hosting our first in-house dodgeball competition, which all of the students are looking forward to after the past couple months of rigorous preparation for their grading examination,” Sensei Floyd said.  

“This will mark the start of our highly anticipated, always action packed Kids Karate summer camp which runs from June 30 to August 15.”  

It promises to be seven themed weeks of learning, field trips and of course plenty of fun martial arts training by the highly trained and experienced staff.  

They also have a Purple Dragon family beach barbecue on July 26. And this all marks the official start of their push towards the 2015 World Karate Championships in Trinidad And Tobago.  

The last world championship in 2010, also in Port-of-Spain, was a huge success and students are awaiting the next tournament with relish. 

The Cayman team did well, finishing third behind the USA with Trinidad and Tobago taking top honors in the team divisions. No wonder Professor Jacob said last week that the Trinidadians will be treating the Cayman athletes with extra respect.  


Zhanna McDonald went from third level brown belt to second level at the grading.


Karl Schrin took a step closer to becoming a black belt.