Sand castles help build acts of kindness

A single mother with a 23-month-old son suffering from severe sclerosis is one step closer to being able to afford the leg braces he needs thanks to money raised at a sand castle competition on Sunday at Seven Mile Beach. 

The event was sponsored by Cayman charity Acts of Random Kindness. ARK founder Tara Nielsen said that some of the money raised will go toward buying braces for the child to help him walk, and the remainder toward ARK’s hunger program. 

ARK has decided not to release the name of the child’s family due to privacy concerns. 

The sand castle competition drew more than a dozen kids ages 7 to 14, as well as a number of adult volunteers, despite the overcast weather and impending rain. 

The event was a great success despite the weather, Ms. Nielsen said. “We’ve probably had 12 to 15 teams, and we’ve had some of the most fun and creative sand castles ever. This is our fifth annual competition.”  

Competitors had about two hours to build their creations, some of which included a mermaid, a turtle, and two sea horses.  

The competition was divided into age categories; among some of the winners were Emilie Edgington and Amber Sharp, both 14, and who won in the teenage category. 

“We thought we’d do a mermaid because we thought it would be more creative, and then they said we could use anything on the beach, so we decided to go in the sea and get some rocks. It was really fun,” said Emilie. 

The overall winners of the competition were “The Perfectly Executed” team for their creation of two sea horses. The team included students Hannah Howe, Ally Artuch, Adam Stoner and Bella Rooney.  

The event raised about $2,500, organizers said, with the Delta Group as a major sponsor, and with Paramount Media contributing $2,700 in advertising.  


Emilie Edgington and Amber Sharp used sand and leaves to create their mermaid. – PHOTO: SAMANTHA BONHAM


Bella Rooney, Adam Stoner and Ally Artuch stunned the judges with their seahorses. Hannah Howe, not pictured, was also part of their team. – PHOTO: SAMANTHA BONHAM.