Neuert expects German glory

Germany have lived up to expectations at the World Cup, looking like potential winners and on Thursday take on the USA in their final Group G match expecting to top the group. 

Besides hosts Brazil, Germany are amongst the favorites with Argentina, Holland, France and Mexico.  

Germany’s game against the Americans in Recife will be attended by local tennis coach Thomas Neuert, who is in Brazil until the final kick hoping that Germany win it.  

He is confident the Germans will get at least a draw against the Americans. Both are on four points and if it is a draw Germany will win the group on goal difference.  

But if either side wins and in the other Group G match between Portugal and Ghana one team wins by a big margin, then the loser of the Germany-USA fixture may not qualify.  

With players like Thomas Mueller, Miroslav Klose and Mario Gotze already showing exceptional form, the Germans have every reason to be optimistic.  

“I hope it will be an offensive battle with lots of goals and Germany coming out on top,” Neuert said. “The only thing is, that with a draw both teams advance and might not play at full speed. Hopefully, that won’t happen since I will be there and I want to see an exciting and competitive match.” 

In the build up to the tournament, there were many negative stories about protests and unfinished stadiums, but Neuert has not experienced anything bad.  

“The atmosphere here in Brazil has been absolutely amazing so far. Fans are coming out in full force, showing off their countries colors and supporting their team,” he said. 

He said he always makes sure to go to the stadium early since the energy and excitement even before the kick-off is incredible and worth the experience.  

For the two Germany games against Portugal and Ghana, Neuert and his brother Andreas went three hours before the kick-off to be part of the festivities outside the stadium.  

“When you are there, it feels like you are at a party with thousands of your closest friends. You get to meet people from all over the world and everyone is very open to talking to each other. It’s just a lot of fun to have the opportunity to be part of an amazing event like this,” he said. 

Neuert thinks that if Germany do not win, Brazil, as favorites, will probably be champs. “Even though teams like the Netherlands, Chile, Colombia and France and a few others have looked impressive so far, I go for Germany or Brazil. But as you know, in football anything can happen. Best example is Costa Rica.” 

As for Germany’s chances of winning tournament, Neuert has a simple theory. “If you go by when Brazil and Italy won their fourth World Cup, then Germany will win their fourth here. “It took both Italy and Brazil 24 years to get their fourth title. Germany’s last title was in 1990 in Italy. If you do the math, then it’s Germany’s turn.” 


Thomas Neuert and his brother Andreas Hawk are having a great time at the World Cup.