Brenton inspires CrossFit elite

CrossFit 7 Mile gym is a buzz of excitement with two significant events approaching.  

Star coach and gym co-owner Wanda Brenton is in serious training for the CrossFit Games, the sport’s world championships and on July 12 the gym has its second annual CF7M Throwdown event.  

The throwdown is a rare chance for beginners and intermediate CrossFit athletes to test their fitness in competition.  

There will be four fitness tests which will be announced on their Facebook page in the days leading up to the event. 

It is open to anyone. Last year all three CrossFit gyms in Grand Cayman competed and Brenton’s husband Carl hopes to see other members of other gyms compete too.  

Competition is all done on heats and different divisions. “Everyone works out all year round but you never actually get to measure yourself with it so this gives you a chance to see how you’re doing and know yourself better,” Carl said.  

Funds raised will go towards the CF7M athletes competing in the Latin America regional championships. Entry is $35 of which $20 goes to the CF7M regional athletes and the balance goes into the prize pool.  

Since last week Wanda has been in intensive training at the Reebok headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, leaving Carl to run the gym and mind their three-year-old daughter Logan. Reebok are the major sponsors of the CrossFit Games and as Brenton won the Latin America Regionals a couple of months ago she was invited to the Reebok camp to train with other regional winners.  

The best are literally training with the best to raise the overall standard at The Games in Carson, California from July 25-27.  

“Wanda is doing really well at the camp,” Carl said. “She had some injury issues with an elbow and her shoulders and has got treatment and is much better.” 

He is proud that, at 39 and competing against much younger athletes and also nursing the injuries, she still won the Regionals.  

Winning the Games is unrealistic because, being the oldest and facing younger, full-time CrossFit athletes, Carl said her highest expectations are to finish in a mid-position.  

He is amused that a Reebok executive in Boston was amazed that a 39-year-old qualified for the Games. “She told Wanda that she is inspiring a lot of people,” he said proudly. “She is so impressed that Wanda is competing against much younger athletes who haven’t got responsibilities like running a gym, being married and having a child. That’s pretty inspiring.”  


Wanda Brenton is impressing fellow CrossFit champs in Boston. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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