Another packed Cuban boat floats through

Another makeshift vessel filled with more than 30 Cuban migrants sought help in Cayman Islands waters over the weekend, only to be turned away after receiving some donated water from residents in Grand Cayman.  

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Gary Wong said the wooden craft had arrived in Cayman Brac Friday night and departed shortly afterward when it was refused any assistance.  

“They arrived [on Grand Cayman Sunday] afternoon, seeking assistance in relation to fuel, etc. and that was again not given,” Mr. Wong said. “It is my understanding that a member of the public may have given them some water. Upon being informed that no assistance would be given in relation to fuel, they departed the island.”  

The latest group came just a few days behind another boatload of migrants who, after spending 11 days floating off Grand Cayman, were required to depart last Thursday. The boat, which at one time held 32 migrants, first arrived in the Colliers area of East End on June 14. The Cubans blamed poor sea conditions for delaying their trip to Honduras.  

More than 30 Cuban migrants are being held in the George Town Immigration Detention Centre awaiting repatriation to their home country.  


These Cuban boaters spent 11 days on local beaches and in waters off Cayman’s coast before departing last week. Over the weekend, another group of Cuban migrants passed through Cayman. – PHOTO: CHRIS COURT

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