Golden Diner domino team boosts Meals On Wheels

The Golden Diner domino team are champions in every sense after their latest tournament victory, but also because they donated all proceeds to Meals On Wheels. 

The Golden Diner won the Champion Promotions Domino Tournament Sunday at the Golden Diner in West Plaza, School Road, and the $400 raised went toward paint for the Meals On Wheels building next door.  

Four teams participated in the event. In the final match, the Golden Diner team beat Guinep Tree Domino Club 75-62.  

The event will be held annually and will be open to all teams, organizers say. 

Lance Simmonds, Golden Diner owner, said, “It was a great community event with McKeeva Bush in attendance. We are holding another tournament this Monday, a public holiday, from 10 a.m. It is a fish fry and the cost is only $10. Hopefully, we will raise the other $400 needed for enough paint for the Meals On Wheels building.”  

For more information, call 928-2100. 


The Golden Diner domino team members were the proud tournament winners and helped out local charity Meals on Wheels.


  1. Well Done! That is what it’s all about, giving back. Be very proud of yourselves! Just imagine if the school, and businesses adopted a charity or did something once a month, to someone/or an organization in need. You could call it GIVE BACK DAY. People don’t realize how much it can be needed sometimes, and how rewarded you feel when you give back no matter what age you are.

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